Dry and damaged feet

In the case of feet with cracks and fissures, one of the most important therapeutic principles of massage is the gradual hydration to remove cracks and hard casts. Moreover, due to open micro-wounds, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents are required to provide a soothing treatment of the foot without causing secondary infection. Unlike most existing skin creams and lotions, where using mechanical abrasives, our cream is based on rosewood, tea tree and lavender essential oils, providing a milder exfoliation process, leaving more time for the feet to soak. nutritious ingredients. Podological tests have shown that foot massage with our natural skin-boosting cream improves blood circulation, moisturizes and provides a delicate feeling of softness that is perfect for treating cracks and dry epidermis. Tea Tree essential oil has antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic qualities and it is a great aid in fighting skin problems, especially nail fungus and feet.