Essential oils

Essential oils help themselves wonderfully to relieve dry and damaged feet. The feet really deserve our attention, because they carry us all year. One of the most known oils is for example the essential oil of lavender. It is especially recommended to treat antifreezes, ampoules, warts, fungus and other external aggressions, to which our feet are easily exposed daily. Lavender essential oil effectively combats various infections. It is a preferred oil in the treatments of cutaneous diseases and wounds. It promotes disinfection and wound healing. The essential oil of peppermint is an oil that exerts a refreshing and toning action. Cypress essential oil has been used for centuries to stimulate blood circulation and to deflate tired feet. Similarly, essential juniper oil is an extremely effective anti-edema product. The essential oil of clary sage is for example an effective aid in the regulation of excessive sweating. The essential oil of geranium as well as the essential oil of camphor act on the subcutaneous blood circulation. In synergy with the essential oil of lemon they help to fluidify the blood and gently restart the venous circuit. Finally, to hydrate the skin of feet, ginger essential oil is an excellent natural remedy.