Who we are

Kirsty Hanneken - Podologue

Kirsty Hanneken is a professional podologue. She has been working in Geneva since 2002. She has always been interested in natural products and has not found a cream that corresponds to what she was looking for. After trying to make her own creams based on natural products and essential oils, she was faced with the many complicated cosmetics’ regulations.

On learning that a long-time friend had just developed a laboratory specialized in advanced research in the field of natural cosmetics, she contacted him and they decided to develop a range of four different specific creams for the feet so that she could benefit her patients and coleagues.

Saponlabs - research laboratory in natural cosmetics

The scientific activity of SaponLabs focuses mainly on active components of natural products. We are convinced that natural compounds are much healthier and pleasant on the skin than even the most sophisticated chemical synthesis products. Our ancestors have developed the application of natural products for different medical and cosmetic purposes without having any notion of atoms and molecules.

Therefore, their knowledge was based on trial and error. In SaponLabs we continue to complement this empirical knowledge accumulated in ancient recipes with state-of-the-art scientific research.

At Saponlabs, our philosophy is to try to replace as many synthetic chemical molecules with truly natural substances obtained from plants. We strive to focus our research on the physicochemical properties of binders, preservatives, thickeners and surfactants.

Our ultimate goal is to substitute as many synthetic molecules as possible with natural extracts of plants or algae. In our quest for better natural formulations, we apply a combination of modern chemistry and advanced analytical techniques.

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